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* Itemised treatment plans will be given.

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What will my insurance cover(Health Fund)? Do I have to pay Gap?

There are many dental insurance policies available to you. Each policy has a fixed monthly or annual premium, which is relative to the benefits that you receive. Finding out exactly how much your insurance company will pay is important, and is something we can help you with!

When complex dental treatment is needed, a treatment plan can be printed and given to you for your insurance company to check about rebate.

Your insurance policy has three important parts, which determine what it will cover you for:

Annual limit : Some policies have no limit to what they will cover in a 12-month period. Others will have a maximum amount that they will pay out per year.

Percentages and classification : Insurance companies categorize dental treatment. Here are a few examples of common categories:

Preventive (dental exam, cleaning, x-rays)

Basic (fillings, tooth extraction, preventive care)

Major (crowns, dentures, bridges)

Orthodontic (orthodontic exam, braces, retainers)

Each category is assigned a percentage of coverage. For example, Basic and Preventive care can have 100% coverage while Major care may have 50-80% coverage.

Fine print : All insurance policies state specific conditions and exceptions where coverage will be granted or denied. Treatment that is not covered by your insurance is sometimes a result of the fine print.

We will do everything we can to get you the most coverage possible. There are, however, many factors that we have no influence over. A treatment plan is the most certain way to find out what your insurance will cover. It is our pleasure to assist you in finding out.