We believe in the importance of discussing all options available to you as a patient when evaluating your case. That is informed consent.


For example, when trying to save teeth that are either badly broken down through dental decay & nerve infection, we will inform you of possible risk factors & possible complications during root canal therapy. Risks that you should be aware of to help you decide on whether an extraction may be a better option followed by artificial replacement of that tooth.


We believe in the patient’s right to have an accurate quotation of “how much will it cost you “& this must be discussed & estimate of fees given to the patient.


Screening for gum disease is included when you come in for your consultation & some of the signs we look for vary from bleeding or swollen gums, soreness or redness or gums that have shrunk from the teeth, even bad breath & bad taste in the mouth will indicate action should be undertaken.


 If you lost a tooth or more, Dental implants can be a good option to replace your teeth with confidence and comfort. sometimes we need to prepare the socket of the extracted tooth with an immediate bone graft ( socket Augmentation sometimes called bone preservation). the main purpose is to preserve the dimension of your jaw bone so you can have later a stronger implant. 


“Start early, Start right” are the fundamentals of oral care for kids. Our practice emphasizes the need for parents to set a good example by bringing in their kids as early as possible as healthy teeth are a key to a healthy childhood. Parents should encourage & motivate their young ones to brush their teeth & praise them for doing so. That will ensure a bright future with a bright smile.


High on the agenda of Arncliffe Dental Care is orthodontic care. We will check your growing children and monitor if they need orthodontic intervention either with an expander, orthopaedic appliance, Braces or aligner therapy.

and for adults, It’s never too late to have your smile & teeth improved & more adults these days can achieve beautiful results with fixed braces or aligners. Due to developments in technology, the braces & other appliances used today are more comfortable & effective than ever before, particularly the newer porcelain brackets.

Of course, we prefer to start with the early generation as early treatment may prevent orthodontic problems from getting worse. It may result in a shorter & less complicated form of treatment than that required at a later stage. Also, early treatment of a serious problem may achieve results that are not possible once the face & jaws have stopped growing.


Anxious about fixing your teeth? we can offer happy gas ( nitrous oxide inhalation sedation) which will make you relax during the treatment otherwise we can offer intravenous sedation by a specialist to put you to sleep while we are fixing your teeth in our dental chair.


Wisdom teeth impaction is a common problem and we can effectively guide you to whether you need to remove it or not. We have a panoramic X-ray machine in the clinic and we also have a 3D X-ray (CBCT) to check the wisdom teeth to ensure your safety

Head & neck pain sufferers will get help & relief at our clinic with (TMJ) Tempro-Mandibular-Joint splints & appliances.


Dr Ghaly had formal training to draw blood from patients which he can use to make plasma-rich fibrin products (PRF) to be used in different dental treatments like gum treatment and around implants.


Great news for the dentures wearers: if you suffer from loose or ill-fitting dentures then you will probably benefit from the minimally invasive Mini Dental Implants that address & solve these social problems & concerns. Implants over Dentures is a well-proven type of treatment to hold a loose denture in place. We will gladly send you an information pamphlet about the subject. All types of dentures are available in the surgery & we cater for emergency repairs.


Cosmetic Dentistry in Arncliffe Dental Care can offer you a variety of modern treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth & smile. These may include procedures such as “bonding”, “direct laminate veneers”, “full porcelain veneers”, “inlays & onlays”, as well as simply “tooth-coloured composite resin fillings”.

Sometimes a combination of all the above is recommended.

Naturally, you will be advised of all the advantages & disadvantages of each procedure.


“ Enjoy Whiter Teeth in 30 minutes “in our office.


If you or your partner snore or suffer from sleep apnea, we can suggest a treatment for that chronic problem. We can refer you to specialists in the field to diagnose the cause and get the proper treatment for your particular needs. We construct different appliances to treat snoring and sleep apnea so you can enjoy restful sleep and a healthier life.